indoona Open Platform Overview

The indoona Open Platform is an open, innovative and extremely flexible solution to enhance your applications with the communication power of indoona.

Instant messaging is becoming the standard user experience for smartphone users of any age: rather than downloading tons of apps and learning dozens of different user experiences, users are appreciating more and more the possibility to reach their favorite services from within a familiar and comfortable chat.

This is exactly what the indoona Open Platform is about! Learn what indoona can do for the success of your application, boosting it with the pervasive power of chat:

  • Internet of Things: bring smart objects of your IoT application into indoona and let them freely interact in chat and groups, with users as well as between them;
  • Communities: connect your community to indoona, let your members participate to discussions directly from chat and promote the community on the indoona customer base;
  • Reservation and Booking: give your users a friendly and straightforward way to interact with your reservation system, and exploit the flexibility of indoona to provide them with a rich support experience;
  • Interactive Feeds: deliver feeds to your users via chat, process the information they send to you to provide them with highly targeted content;
  • Multichannel: whether you’re a company or a public institution, you will benefit from reaching your customer base via chat; indoona can do the job for you.
  • ?: up to you and your imagination!

Connecting your service

Connecting your service to the indoona Open Platform is simple and straightforward, and is based well-known standard protocols and mechanisms:

Connecting your service involves creating an Application at the indoona Open Platform: you will do it from our App Creation page.

To learn how to quickly carry out the entire interconnection task, go to our Getting Started section and pick the strategy and tools that are most suitable for you. Following the links from there you can also find exhaustive documentation about the platform, the API, supported languages and available tools; go to Download to get what you need to start off.

Connecting users

Once your service is ready to interwork with the indoona Open Platform, you can let your own users connect their indoona accounts. Have a look at the following example, that shows what the fans of an hypothetic radio station (Radio-Z) would do to connect their indoona accounts with the radio’s services via its web portal:

As Radio-Z does, you will need to host a “Connect to indoona” button in your website (or mobile site, or mobile app). Ready-to-use images for this button are available in various sizes at our Resources page; have a look at Getting Started page to learn how to configure it. N.B.: if users have an identity at your domain, you will typically place the “Connect to indoona” button within an authenticated section.

The “Connect to indoona” button opens the indoona connection page, hosted in a separate window in the example above. Users are prompted for the mobile number associated to their indoona account, or invited to sign up to indoona. Once a valid number has been inserted, a verification code is sent via chat on the corresponding indoona account: by copying this verification code back in the connection page, users confirm their indoona identity.

Now they are prompted for mandatory and optional permissions, according to what Radio-Z needs to do on the indoona platform. Those permissions granted, users have completed the connection process and are ready to interact with Radio-Z from the indoona chat. According to our official Guidelines, this is a good point for Radio-Z to prompt its users on what they are willing to bring into indoona; live programs, the community of Radio-Z users and podcast updates.

In the example, the first two items are selected and, according to our Guidelines, two contacts, named respectively after the current live program and the Z-Community, appear in the user’s indoona address book. Depending on the business logic that Radio-Z decides to implement, a user could now be able to:

  • be notified of live programs in real time, receiving the corresponding streaming URLs (or even audio previews) as chat messages;
  • chat with the Z-Community, irrespective of what other participants are using on their side (e.g. mailing lists, online forums, etc..).

In any case, users will be able to share these contacts in groups, by simply inviting them together with their indoona friends.

The indoona Application Directory

Besides giving your users the possibility to connect to indoona from your website or mobile apps, as explained above, you can also submit your application to the indoona Application Directory and let any indoona user discover you from within their mobile or web client. See the App Creation section for further details.

From an indoona mobile or web client, users can access the official directory of indoona applications. If your application is published in the directory, users willing to connect to your service will enjoy an even smoother experience, and your service will benefit of visibility on the entire indoona customer base.

Now you are ready to start developing your application for the indoona Open Platform: visit our Getting Started page, and follow our Guidelines to provide your users with the best possible experience!