Here you can find graphic material and guidelines that will help you provide the smoothest possible experience to indoona users willing to connect your App.

"Connect to indoona" button

This section is about the typical "Connect to indoona" button that you will host on your web and mobile sites, as well as in your mobile applications (if you have any).

You are not constrained to use "Connect to indoona" as button text; yet, for it to be easy recognizable by all users, we suggest you rely on that sentence and its translations.

The HTML code of the button will look like:

<button type="button" onclick="">
	Connect to indoona

where connectUrl is the url that initiates the OAuth2 connection process. See "Connecting users" section in the API page to learn how to construct this url.

Download button images

Download indoona icon and logo, both available at various sizes for the following platforms:

Button's layout guidelines

As background, use a flat color with HEX code: #9571D6

Text should be rendered in white, using Open Sans Semi-Bold font.