Submit your App to the Application Directory

If your App is potentially interesting and useful to everybody and not targeted to a restricted group of users, you should consider submitting it to the indoona Application Directory. The Application Directory, available on all indoona mobile and web clients, provides your App with the maximum possible visibility across the indoona customer base: users can browse the directory and search for applications to connect with, by specifying one or more search keys.

App submission

You can submit your App to the Directory only if it's already released, i.e. potentially available to all users for connection: in such situation, the status of your App in the app's detail page appears as "Unpublished". See App Creation to learn how to create your first App, if you didn't do it yet.

Submission data

The submission process requires some previously optional data to be specified in a mandatory way: in particular, you must provide a Connect URL, which is invoked when indoona users start the connection process from within the Directory (see Getting Started about related implementation issues). Other mandatory data include links to your service's website and to your own Terms & Conditions.

Review process

The app submission is subject to a review process: please verify that your App complies with our Terms, Conditions & Policy before submitting it, in order to avoid its rejection. In particular, you must prevent your App from showing any offending content either in its metadata (text, images, linked web pages, etc) and in its ordinary operation. Once that your App has been submitted, you are notified of each step of the review process through the email address you provided when registering as a Developer: you can check the status of the review process at any time by visiting the app's detail page.

Publish your App

When your App gets approved, you are presented with the new 'Publish' button in the app's detail page: your App is not visible to other users in the Application Directory until you click on 'Publish'. At any time, you will be able to unpublish and re-publish your App at your own discretion.