App Creation

Creating an application for the indoona Open Platform is an easy and straightforward process: login with your indoona username and password and go to My Apps page. If you are not a developer yet, you will be prompted for giving us a contact email and accepting our Terms, Conditions and Policy.

Create your App

This done, you can start creating your first app: specify a few mandatory data, just a name and a unique namespace, and you're a step ahead: your application is born! On the app's page you already find your App ID and your Client Secret, that is the couple of OAuth2 credentials that authenticate your application on the indoona Open Platform.

Now pick up your smartphone, start the indoona app and tap on 'Applications' in the Contacts tab: your just born application is already in the official app directory but (don't worry!) it's visible only to you at this time.

Customize your App

Now you can start working to customize your app, giving it a precise identity: choose pretty icons, describe in a clear and engaging way what your application does and why indoona users should connect to it, carefully choose the permissions your App will request to users in the connection process. Provide additional information, like the URL of your website and a link to your service's Terms and Conditions.

The next step is to prepare your application to be completely functional: in order to do that, you must at least provide a redirect URL to complete the OAuth2 connection process for requesting users. Even though not mandatory at this stage, you are strongly encouraged to enable your App to receive and process all messages sent to it by the indoona platform: to this purpose, specify a valid endpoint URL. You are also given the possibility to specify the URL of a page from where connected users will administrate all aspects of their connection that you will make available, called management URL.

Start developing

Now, you are ready to start developing your application; pick the strategy and tools that are the most suitable to you. For a quick start, you may have a look at our Example Applications to see if there is already something matching your needs; otherwise you may develop your application from scratch using our Java SDK or PhP SDK. If you are developing in a different language, or simply want to do the low-level job on your own, discover our RESTful API.

Release your App

Extensively test your application using your indoona developer account: when you are ready to go online, click on 'Release App'. If you provided all mandatory data and your application complies with our platform policy, it is made available to all users willing to connect their indoona accounts. To this purpose, you should host a dedicated button on your website and/or your mobile apps (see Getting Started and Resources).

What's next?

If you have a look at the status of your App in the app's detail page, you will notice that it appears as 'Unpublished': this means that your App is fully working and can accept connections from indoona users, but it's not publicly visible in the official application directory. Visit Submit your Application to learn how to accomplish this further exciting step!.